Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I-Blog and Innovate

I-Blog and Innovate
I-Blog is one of two social networks in Innovate, the journal of online education. The other is Innovate-Ideagora. Each complements the other via two of the most dynamic Web 2.0 media: blogs and forums. Innovate-Ideagora engages subscribers and the public at large via open discussion threads. Anyone who subscribes to Innovate-Ideagora is allowed to begin new threads and reply to posts. As in most forums, posts are brief and informal, and closer to actual conversations than articles. Innovate-Ideagora also provides blogging services for members, but these are personal blogs with purposes determined by the individual.
I-Blog differs from Innovate-Ideagora in fundamental ways: posts are longer and closer to articles than conversations, and only staff and guest authors are allowed to submit articles. Additionally, it adopts the “blog forum” approach, described above, to assure readers of a steady stream of thoughtful and thought-provoking articles.
Finally, I-Blog, like Innovate-Ideagora, is interactive. Attached to each article is a comment feature that allows for discussion between readers and writers. Our authors will respond to reader comments, ensuring a dynamic dialogue around each post.
Both social networks complement Innovate. Editors and administrators publish columns in each issue, summarizing the activities in their respective networks. Additionally, they invite selected authors to submit articles or participate in interviews.